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Product Description

Who says that india does not produce high quality cocoa? We introduce isvaari artisanal bean to bar dark chocolate created using the finest selection of organic cacao beans, sourced fairly from the small growers of kerala. By sourcing only the highest quality organic & fairtrade cacao beans from south india and carefully hand crafting tiny batches of bean to bar chocolate, we ensure you can enjoy the individual flavour notes that these beans have to offer. So go ahead take a bite, indulge yourself in the full bodied intense cacao taste with its lingering fruitiness. Isvarri offers you its first 60% dark chocolate with assorted nuts which is organic. While making this delicious chocolate we have selected the finest organic ingredients and take extra care to bring out the distinct flavour which is made in india. Isvaari dark chocolate is absolutely delicious and very addictive this bar of artisanal dark chocolate is made with 60% organic cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter and with background notes of organic walnut, organic hazelnut, organic almond and organic pistachio which gives a characteristic crunch to the chocolate. Isvaari chocolate bars possess the snap, the shine and above all the aroma and taste of a high quality bar that you would associate with a product from the chocolate houses of france & belgium. Now there’s no reason to say that indian chocolate has yet to catch up with the advanced world. Beautifully packed, isvaari chocolate bars are aimed at the discerning retail customer and luxury hotel mini-bar. Isvaari's organic 60% dark chocolate with roasted organic whole almonds is vegan, gluten free and usda organic ethically sourced chocolate. One of the speciality of our chocolate is the box in which our delicious chocolate bar cover itsef. The box is turmeric yellow, the idea behind the box is we want to use dyes that are traditionally used in indian ethnic wear. The other flavors of the chocolate will also be in boxes designed along the same lines.

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Other details

Starter Recipe

Recipe - 1




Best before 12 months

Storage conditions store in a cool(below 20 degree)and dry place. Humidity and temperature shocks may produce a whitish coat on chocolates or cause it to go soft. Neither of which affects its consumption fitness.
Net Content/ Pkt

30 g

HSN Code 18069010
Maximum Retail Price / g Rs. 175.00
Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian
Additional Technical and Commercial Information Contact us for additional technical and commercial information

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